The Septic Project – Putting your money in the Crapper!

Call it an experiment in Sustainability/Thinking outside the box, but I came up with an idea that I think just might work…. and then I found out it has already been done.  It’s called Peer to Peer Lending.

Most of us in our lifetime have borrowed and/or loaned money to someone who needed it. We need $3,225 (this is in addition to funds we already have) to get our septic system put in and we’re asking for a small loan – from each of you – to help reach our goal in the next 21 days.   We’re not asking for a donation.  LOAN – any amount.  You will be repaid.  Knowing it’s a loan, will you help?  All loans will be paid back in order they are received starting within 60 days of the project completion.  If you prefer interest to be paid on your loan amount, please contact us directly with details prior to submitting the loan.  Be sure when submitting the loaned amount, you include contact information so we can set up the repayment plan to you.

Let’s see how many people are willing to put their money in the crapper!

Each and every single penny loaned will be repaid. No matter how large or small the loan.

Please, do NOT make an anonymous “donation” as we want to repay everyone!


Michele & Russell Strotman

Hardinsburg, Indiana


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